Getting Started

In this short tutorial, we will explain how to submit your first bot and get your name on the Halite leaderboard.

Register using Github

You will need a Github account in order to participate in the Halite tournament. If you don't have a Github account, please create a new account here. Sign up for Halite by clicking "Login with Github" at the top right of this page.

Download a Starter Package

Download a starter package for your language of choice from the downloads page.

Each starter package consists of a zip file that includes: (a) one code template for your your first bot (the MyBot file), (b) one code sample for a random bot (the RandomBot file), (c) some support libraries for the bot and (d) some tools to test your bot locally.

Getting on the Leaderboard

To get on the leaderboard, you need to submit a bot to the Halite tournament.

Click the "Submit" button in the navigation bar. In general, you need to package your submission as a zip file that contains everything needed to run your bot (your bot’s source code, starter package source files, supplemental libraries, etc.). For your first submission, you can simply upload the zipped starter package that you just downloaded. You will receive an email notification that your submission has been received.

The Halite servers will compile the source code of your submission and continuously play your bot against other contestants, which will generate your leaderboard ranking. If the compilation of your source code fails, we will email you.

To track your bot's progress, navigate to your homepage.

Next Steps

Congratulations. You are now an official contestant!

It may be up to 10 minutes before your bot has played a few games. In the meantime, move onto Introducing Halite.

Join the Community

If you need help or have feedback, please visit the forums! If you’d like to hang out and chat with other players, come join the official discord.

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